Silver asper of Manuel I Komnenos (Treb)

BSBC: 1  Sear: 2601

Mint: Trebizond

Obverse: Saint Eugenius holding long cross / OAΓI – EVΓENI

Reverse: Emperor holding labarum and anexakakia, Manus Dei blessing from above / MNΛ – OKH

Silver Trachy of Manuel I Komnenos (Treb)

BSBC: 1  Sear: 2600  DO V: —  LBC: —   

Mint: Trebizond

Obverse: Virgin Mary Seated on backed throne with the infant Christ at Breast / (MHP) – OV

Reverse: Emperor holding labaram and anexakakia, Manus Dei (hand of God) blesses from above) / (MNHΛ O) KMN

Bendall, Trebizond 19. The finally silver trachy issue of Trebizond. Only aspers were minted after this issue.

Very Rare.