The triumph of Christendom, the valor of Rome, and the glory of Hellas: Byzantium stands distinct and tall. The empire which was the crown jewel of civilization for over a millennium sat at the cross roads of antiquity, the middle ages, and the Renaissance.

My name is Sam Cowell and I am a late Byzantine numismatic specialist and scholar. My expertise ranges from the years 1204 to 1351 and encompasses the coinage of the Latin rump state, the empire of Thessaloniki, the empire of Nicaea, and the restored Palaeologan empire.

I have a number of academically published works, including recent articles “Classification of the Aspron AR Trachy Reverse Dies of Manuel I Megas Komnenos” and “Two Unpublished Palaeologan Torneses“. Some upcoming projects of mine include a paper reconsidering the role of the late silver trachy at the palaeologan mint and a book on the Byzantine tornese.

This website is the largest and most comprehensive late Byzantine database available to the public! Under the database tab, you will find every known coin type from emperors Theodore I Laskaris to Constantine XI. Literally tens to hundreds of coins types not found in Sear, Dumbarton Oaks, or the Ashmolean museum are incorporated here (many from my personal collection). As is hinted by the name, this system of identification seeks to include all peoples and states who fell under the umbrella and influence of byzantine numismatics, not just the traditional entities. See more on that in the above link.

You can also find my publications under the home tab. These may be of interest to the late byzantine numismatist. Thank you for looking at my website. If you have any inquiries or would like help with any mysterious coins have, please reach out to me at sam@cowell.org. I am always happy to help.

ALL credit for the wonderful color artwork on this page belongs to this very talented Byzantine Youtuber. All numismatic line drawings are my own.