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Coming Soon:

Cowell, Samuel. Coinage of the Byzantine and Balkan States 1204-1461, Volume One: the Nicaean Empire, Thessalonican Empire, Epirote Despotate, and Latin Empire. To be published in late 2024 or 2025.



Cowell, Samuel. Two New Palaeologan Torneses. KOINON: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies Volume 6, 2023; Pages 145–149, accessible at

Cowell, Samuel. The Fourrée Hyperpyra of John V Palaeologus. KOINON: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies, Volume 6, 2023; Pages 149–155, accessible at

Cowell, Samuel. Introduction to the Coinage of Post 1204 Byzantium, Historicon Seminar. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, July 22nd, 2023. Accessible at



Cowell, Samuel. Classification of the Aspron AR Trachy Reverse Dies of Manuel I Megas Komnenos, Studia Nummorum E-Journal, 2022. Accessible at