Silver Trachy of Michael VIII and Andronikos II

Michael VIII Palaeologus, with Andronicus II, AR Trachy. Celebrating the coronation of Andronicus II. Constantinople, AD 1272. 1.51g, 23mm, 6h.

Nimbate St. George standing facing, wearing military attire, holding spear in right hand and shield in left; [O/Є]/Φ/[Δ/Γ/Π] to left, ΓѠΡ (ligate)/Γ/[O/C] to right / Half-length figures of Michael VIII and Andronicus II facing, both wearing stemma with pendilia and loros over divitision, holding trifurate sceptre, scroll and akakia; bust of winged archangel above between M-X, placing his hands on their heads.

DOC 36; SB 2321. Fourth Known Example